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  • The Spontaneous Moments of Théo Lebeau

    From the city of Orleans, Théo Lebeau is a French 3D graphic designer/musician/photographer that with patience, effort and dedication seems to always find his way around to do what he loves and what he’s passionate about.

    His first contact with photography was at the age of 17 years old, when his father offered him a second hand digital Reflex camera. With it he had the idea of making anonymous portraits, without really knowing anything about the medium. He considers his first influence a great friend that taught him everything about photography at that time, but nowadays he’s deeply inspired by the work of Vincent FournierBenoit Paillé, Cheng JiagangTim Simmons among others.

    When Théo takes pictures, he doesn’t really think about it too much, he just relies on the spontaneity of the moment. His inspiration comes from the outside world, and from the premise that everything builds itself and he’s just there to capture it. He follows the same method for his portraits; the “mise en scène” is made by the subject’s attitude. All these elements define his style: “I don’t organize anything. With a camera I am myself a product of fortuity and inspiration”.

    Meet him on flickr.