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  • Piotr Pietrus Reconnects with Memories and abstract Moments

    Piotr Pietrus is a Polish photographer who has lived in many different countries, including Italy and Spain, and that is now based in Berlin, Germany.

    Piotr started studying painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich when he moved to Bologna, Italy for one exchange year. After attending a photography class at the Accademia di Belle Arti, he quickly realized that this was his medium of expression. For him, photography became a key that opened doors to different worlds, the ones around and inside him.

    His series A Warm Wind at Night documents a special trip to Australia Piotr did with his wife while in her 5th month of pregnancy with their first child. “In a particular way I found myself in a twilight zone between my ‘old’ life and a soon to come stage once back at home as a father.

    These circumstances, and wanting to freeze that in-between moment, led him to capture these expecting weeks. “I am very fascinated by memory and how abstract moments, images, smells stay with us and shape ourselves. I attempted to find those images that speak to me in this way.

    Visit his website or tumblr for more.