‘How to Drive’ by Katerina Moschou

Katerina Moschou is a visual artist who lives and works in Athens. She moves multidimensionally between sculpture and photography, with printmaking and painting constituting the stable components of her creative process. Her works share a meticulous observation of both human-made and natural environments, capturing the intricate web of relationships that unfolds within them. Her first […]

‘Still Birth’ by Chiara Ernandes

Chiara Ernandes’ (born in Rome, Italy) relationship with photography is a cathartic, conflicting and indispensable relationship: it is the tool that allows her to exist in the world most of all, the one that translates her perceptions and frees her memory, in a continuous exchange of signals and representations that build her emotional reality. Still […]

‘Between Gods and Animals’ by Shawn Bush

Lens-based artist Shawn Bush grew up in Detroit, MI, a city whose civic history and geographic location have profoundly influenced how he thinks about physical space within American sociopolitical and socioeconomic landscapes. As a result, his photographs and collages are responsive to over-built systems, failing icons, and collapsing mythologies. Bush is the founder of Dais Books and […]

‘Anatomy Of An Oyster’ by Rita Puig–Serra

Rita Puig-Serra Costa is a Barcelona-based photographer. With a background in Humanities and an MA in Comparative Literature, she later studied Graphic Design and Photography. Closely related to literature, Costa’s work revolves around the concept of identity. Her investigations also explore the essence of human relationships, and the influence that love, death, luck or memories […]

‘Bedfellow’ by Caroline Tompkins

Caroline currently lives in Brooklyn, NY. Her photographs explore issues of female sexuality, localism, and sincerity within them. Over the past five years, Caroline Tompkins has been making images of her sexual desires and fears. Her new book, Bedfellow explores the relationship sex has with pleasure and danger. Looking at your work, I think you’ve […]