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  • Andy Feltham

    Andy Feltham is a UK photographer originally from the beautiful county of Devon living in Northampton, and works as a nurse in the NHS. He had a hook with photography after his wife offered him a panasonic point and shoot six years ago. Andy describes his work as surrealistic urban landscape.

    His modus operandi is usually to put on some comfy shoes and take in the world until his feet ache! He finds the process of making an image totally immersive, like if he had blinkers on and all that matters is the scene in front of his lens… *everything* else disappears; finally when back home and analyzing a piece or series of images, he gets to make sense of what is going on in the world… essentially his people-less photography is about life/death/and a deep curiosity towards the human condition.

    Although it’s impossible to overlook his minimalist approach, he claims to get bored quickly so his current aim is to expand the complexities within a composition whilst retaining the impact of the subject-matter. He’s also quite hard on himself, so any work he produces is never good enough for him. He finds this is an important drive towards the continual improvement of his output.