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  • Collecting Colours and Patterns with Paul Garcia

    Paul Garcia is a painter, writer and photographer based in Liverpool, England. He graduated from biochemistry and then studied journalism, with the idea of becoming a scientific writer – but decided to be an artist instead. His modest lifestyle, living in a self-sustained farm with electricity provided by solar panels, is in a big way echoed in his photographic work.

    He started taking photographs as a sketchbook for his paintings, collecting colors and repeated patterns, but now it’s a form of art that runs parallel to his painting. With his images, he tries to describe or define “instinct”. He’s more interested in why we see, rather than what we see; how human beings align themselves with the environment in an effort to make themselves present.

    When we asked him about his style, he said “I wouldn’t say I approach photography with a style in mind. The word I always come back to is necessity. I am drawn to the same spaces, colors and objects – and it is in these discarded, overlooked and broken items that I recognize myself.

    Check out more of his work on his website or on tumblr.
    All images were taken with a Leica m6 and Konica-Minolta 35mm/f2.0.