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  • Caroline Tompkins

    Born and raised in Cincinnati, OH, Caroline Tompkins is a Photo Editor at Bloomberg Businessweek and a freelance photographer currently based in Brooklyn, NY. While she has been shooting for The Fader, Vice, Businessweek and a few smaller fashion labels, she also makes zines, ceramics, drawings…

    Photography became her priority after she had to work as a lifeguard and pool cleaner one summer to buy a camera, and eventually needed to take out $30,000 in loans to go to school. Photography is the only thing that has really pushed her and kept her attention.

    Caroline is very curious and cares immensely about people. She says her work often copes with understanding the human experience, and projecting her own onto others. Searching for what scares her is the feeling she explores with her camera. Free of mind, the important thing for her is not to look for a specific style but to do something truthful, and style will come in consequence. Nevertheless, she has a very interesting description of what she does: “I want to make pictures I’d be afraid to show to my parents”.

    Enjoy her work on her website & tumblr.