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  • A Butterfly Love Story by Bego Antón

    Bego Antón is a 34 years old spanish photographer living in Barcelona. She works in photography, teaching, doing commissioned work as well as her personal projects, such as this series called Butterfly Days.

    Bego has a journalism background, but after finishing university she realised she wasn’t passionate about it and chose photography as medium to tell stories in a different way. At the moment, she is working on a series about witch hunting in the Basque Country during the Middle Ages.

    The series Butterfly Days is a love story between humans and butterflies: “In a village in the south of England lives a small group of people who feel very passionate about butterflies and moths; not merely because of their beauty, or their colours, or even the way they move, but because of all these things together. They know all about their habits and their names in Latin. They collect books on them. They observe and record them. They even grow plants that attract them so as to have them near. They don’t understand how some people enjoy catching them”.

    Enjoy the whole series and more on her website.