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  • Between Dream and Reality with Olga Wysopal

    Olga Wysopal is a 25 years old student from Krakow, Poland. Her personal experiences are the foundation of her work; it’s all about “glancing”.

    She had her first hook with photography at the age of 13 when she was stocked in a small flat due to pneumonia and she started to “spy” the neighbors outside of her window. This habit hasn’t changed she says.

    Olga sees photography as a spontaneous act: “we sometimes need to watch rather than think, start to observe, not to analyze, just accept things as they are, as we want to see them”. Her lightened images are a pretty delicate balance between dream and reality. For her, the English word ‘glance’ means a brief or hurried look and a flash or gleam of light and it’s what describes her works the best way.

    Visit her website & flickr.