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  • Traveling to Kyrgyzstan
    with Céline Meunier

    Céline Meunier is a 28 year old French adventurer, currently in Japan. She is interested in the cultures of the world, and has sent us the photographs of her journey with the nomadic peoples of Kyrgyzstan.

    She was given her first film camera in 2011, a Nikon FM2,  by her grandmother, as a present when she moved to Turkey. Then, Céline started to learn more about other photography aspect, and constantly kept her camera while traveling the world.

    Her interest in the nomad lifestyle led her to visit Kyrgyzstan with a friend. There, they will spend time staying at local families as they go horseback trekking the mountains: “It was the brink of winter and the weather was quite whimsical. A storm followed us for a long time, with strong winds, covering our surrounding in fog. Appart from a few wild horses, prey bird and the hardly distinguishable shape of a yurt far away, we didn’t see a living soul”.

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    Experimenting the nomad life, they saw how this lifestyle is extremely difficult. Despite these people have a few modern gears such as a car or a phone, they mainly depend on their cattle to survive and constantly move to find food for it. It remains a life of scarcity, which less and less people are embracing…

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