‘Nucleo’ by Wouter Van de Voorde

Wouter Van de Voorde is a Belgian-born, Australia-based visual artist. He lives with his family on Ngunnawal land in Canberra, Australia. Nucleo, whose title evokes the core nuclear family, is a visual odyssey that traces the life of Van de Voorde’s own family, starting from the birth of his son, Felix, and extending to the […]

‘How to Drive’ by Katerina Moschou

Katerina Moschou is a visual artist who lives and works in Athens. She moves multidimensionally between sculpture and photography, with printmaking and painting constituting the stable components of her creative process. Her works share a meticulous observation of both human-made and natural environments, capturing the intricate web of relationships that unfolds within them. Her first […]

‘Still Birth’ by Chiara Ernandes

Chiara Ernandes’ (born in Rome, Italy) relationship with photography is a cathartic, conflicting and indispensable relationship: it is the tool that allows her to exist in the world most of all, the one that translates her perceptions and frees her memory, in a continuous exchange of signals and representations that build her emotional reality. Still […]

ATL by Mark Steinmetz

Mark Steinmetz resides in Athens, Georgia. He makes black and white photographs “of ordinary people in the ordinary landscapes they inhabit” and “in the midst of activity”. Most of his work has been made in the USA but also in Berlin, Paris, and Italy. His books combine portraits (portrait-like but spontaneous) and candid photos of people, and also […]