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  • Junya Suzuki

    Junya Suzuki is a Japanese photographer from Kanagawa, a city located right next to Tokyo. What’s interesting about his profile is that he’s a full time system engineer and photography represents a lifework for him.

    His interest for photography comes from the feeling that in the course of daily life sometimes everyone and everything he sees is somehow connected: “It’s only possible for the present “me” to encounter this physicality in this exceptional fleeting moment, and the full spectrum of emotion felt from this connectedness is intoxicating.”

    In addition to recording these moments as photographs reflecting his own perspective and interpretation of life, he hopes to share this experience with the viewers of his work.

    Regarding his style, Junya focuses on spontaneous and non-staged photos, since his main goal is to capture the natural state in everyday life.

    Visit his website for more.