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  • Warren Sebastian, Shots of Appealing Sceneries

    Warren Sebastian is a photographer based in Brighton, England. He works for a building company, and has some occasional photography work & personal training.

    Photography has always been something Warren has had an interest and appreciation for, but for different reasons (studies, time, music) it had not been a priority. One day he picked up photography on a whim to find some new ways to continue being creative and from then on he pretty much instantly stopped making any music in favor of picking up a camera.

    His approach is the same as when he started, meaning going out with his camera and without overthinking the process photograph what interests him instinctively, whatever seems to be there for a reason, people being what he’s more drawn to. As for his style, he knows what he likes and what appeals to him in subject, light & color; he tries not to let there be too many limiting factors in what he includes, only moral ones.

    Have a look at his pictures on flickr and instagram.