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  • Quietness and Contemplation with Harry Lawlor

    Harry Lawlor is a 23 year old English photographer from Oxfordshire based in Cornwall. He currently works as a freelance photographer and does also assisting work.

    He has always enjoyed art and drawing from an early age, but at the age of 14 he became interested in photography, there was something about the immediacy and apparent simplicity of taking pictures that appealed to him, besides the experience of developing film in the dark room. He was also drawn to the technical side of photography, often spending hours learning via YouTube videos and magazines: “I enjoy photography’s fragmentary and subjective nature being a strange, wonderful and beautiful representation of our own, personal reality. When put together these fragments can speak in their own unique language about the world around us”.

    Regarding his style, Harry feels that his work sits somewhere between documentary and fiction, most of the time it’s quiet and contemplative: “I’m always looking for something beyond the reality that we exist in – trying to make pictures that evoke a feeling and intrigue in a viewer. My work is broadly about time, existence and embedded personal or social histories within landscape”.

    Discover his series on his website and tumblr.