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  • Polina Washington, Visual Poetry

    Polina Washington is a 25-year-old Russian photographer from the city of Novgorod the Great currently based in Saint Petersburg. She graduated from the University of Cinema and Television as a Director of Photography, and she works as such for music videos and other projects, as well as a commercial photographer to earn her living.

    She started photography at school, and what she loved about the medium at the time was the idea of having a “visual diary” of her life. At first she worked with a simple compact digital camera, but now she has moved to 35mm photography experimenting with multiple exposure and film soaking. Based on these techniques, she has created three different series that we invite you to explore on her website.

    Something that has stayed with her since the beginning is taking self-portraits; it helps her understand and feel her nature, break some borders of perception of her own body and appearance.

    She finds her style hard to define aesthetically since she’s constantly experimenting with new techniques and even digital, but conceptually what she tries to achieve with her work is “visual poetry” by being faithful to her inner self: “Thinking about your style and vision too much always divert you from creation and acting – only those actions lead you to the real understanding of your visual way.

    Explore her work on her website and flickr