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  • Kinga Pinkston

    Kinga Janik, aka Kinga Pinkston, is a Polish photography currently based in Bucharest. She graduated in Cracow from Journalism and American Culture studies and now she Works as a graphic sketcher in the interior design area.

    Since she was a Little girl photography was close to her: at first as a means to keep memories, and then as a way to freeze weird scenes she ran into worth documenting. She started with analog and then changed to digital in the moment when analog was passing out, but shortly after she bought her first DSLR camera she discovered the Lomography movement in Poland. By turning again to analog she “started to breathe by photography”. She’s still not sure if photography for her is a medium of self- expression or if it’s a way of transforming reality according to her means, but since she’s constantly creating new projects, some element is leading her to expression.

    The project Atlantic Canada (featured below) is part of a piece Kinga is working on since she discovered a deep fascination for Islands: “Eastern Canada consists of many little and bigger lands, including huge Newfoundland. Remoteness of islands and a kind of loneliness makes a great assembly with the moody, slow journey by ferries. In that point the project is connected with my previous works Black Sands Island and Ferry Tale. From the other side it is a classic American roadtrip story. But since USA was explored enough, I tried to combine the cliché with the neighboring and yet so different territory: Canada. Atlantic Canada took place mainly in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, partly on Prince Edward Island and in New Brunswick.

    Discover the full series on her website.