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  • Nicholas Mehedin captures the surreal side of New Orleans

    Nicholas Mehedin is a 23 years old photographer, born and raised in a tiny town called Eldred, NY. He’s currently a freelance photographer and assistant based out of Barryville, NY.

    He started in photography by chance. He was encouraged by one of his teachers in high school and decided to pursuit it. For him, the process of photographing is what he finds most satisfying as he searches to expose the absurd or ironic in every day life: “Photography is about being acutely attentive and waiting for moments for the world to reveal itself”.

    Nawlins is a photo series about capturing the surrealistic part of New Orleans. After having experienced the touristy side of the city a year prior to the project he started looking for something less superficial. Fortunately, uncanny moments started unfolding before him and two friends: “We met a young guy with two black eyes that told us he was incredibly rich and best friends with all the strippers on Bourbon street. We learned about fake id’s from a bartender and subsequently became accomplices in extorting an under-aged girl for her ID. We helped an old woman with groceries and got invited to a curb side BBQ that got crashed by bikers doing burn outs. We unknowingly snuck into a Chinese lantern festival. We got stoned and ate fried chicken in a park. Nola is an incredibly complex and dynamic city and I attempted to unpack that in this series”.

    Visit his website for more.