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  • Monty Kaplan

    Javier Federico Kaplan, aka Monty Kaplan, is an Argentinian photographer and filmmaker based in Miami. He defines his style as eclectic and minimal. Eclectic in the sense that he’s always interested in capturing a specific mood, from the most upbeat, colorful pictures to dour and gloomy ones. His main concerns are always light (or lack there of) and a sense of minimal framing. For him, framing is all about handling information so he tries to keep it as focused and clean as he can.

    What we love about his work is that certain sense of voyeurism present all along his pictures. When we mentioned it to him he said that he didn’t feel voyeurism inspired him particularly, because there’s a strong sexual connotation always linked to that concept. It was more the idea of “voyeurism” just as the act of spying, about uncovering a sort of hidden perspective.

    Check out more of his work on his website.