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  • The quiet Photographs of Andy Grellmann

    Born in 1986, in the suburbs of south of Vancouver, Andy Grellmann is a Canadian photographer whose work has evolved from a digital and commercial approach to a very thoughtful, introspective and fully analog style.

    Andy discovered photography through disposable cameras, and eventually digital point and shoots that he found in his childhood house. His first influence and interest in photography came from looking at sports and nature magazines. When he was in University he bought a digital kit (Nikon D40) and for a few years did some commercial work until he lost interest in it. It was then when he reverted to film photography.

    He thinks of photography as a behavior and impulse for someone to discover truths, to the extent of satisfaction.  His pictures tend to be an extension of his working conditions, which he describes as “quiet”.

    Get familiar with his work on his website and tumblr.