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  • Isabella Ståhl

    Isabella Ståhl (1984) is a Swedish photographer based between northern Sweden and Paris. She currently works as an artist and freelance photographer, focusing mainly on documentary and editorial assignments, as well as her own long-term projects.

    She had always been drawn to still images, but it was in high school where her interest for photography got more serious and she started to dedicate more time to it. We can tell from her photographs that what she enjoys the most is being able to create a certain mood solely with the use of light and shadows. She photographs the things around her that draw her attention, mostly in the wilderness and the rural countryside.

    Sublime landscapes are recurrent in her imagery, but what makes her work so special is the treatment of light, falling as a delicate veil of pureness to underline the melancholy of the subject.

    Isabella is currently working on a new long-term project about northern Sweden.

    Visit her website & instagram for more.