• Exhibition
  • Toby Harvard

    Toby Harvard is a 34 year old photographer and storyboard artist based in London that shoots on both film and digital with an Olympus E-500 and a Pentax K1000. His work is melancholic, mysterious and intriguing, and entirely focused on the mood and atmosphere of the moment rather than a specific subject.

    When we discovered his wok, the aesthetic ensemble of images made us think of the films by Wong Kar Wai mixed with some Saul Leiter influences; both masters of the image.

    Regarding the selection of his pictures, Toby mentioned in an interview: “I remember an interview with Mark Romanek where he said something like: an image either has teeth or it doesn’t. You just *know* when a picture has teeth. Some pictures just feel right, and are worth sharing. The rest I keep hidden away in a box.”

    Check out more of his work on his Tumblr or Flickr.