• Exhibition
  • The best single Photographs at If You Leave Showcase

    If You Leave Showcase has been launched for the third year, and it is an honor for us to be part of it. This worldwide exhibition aims to promote new contemporary photography talent.

    The outcome are 20 top photographs, selected by 20 co-curators, including Dazed and Confused, Aperture Foundation, Der Greif, Aint-Bad… and Velvet Eyes. The main characteristic of the project lies in the choice of highlighting one and only one image of an artist. As opposed to series work, the idea is to celebrate the power of a stand-alone photograph.

    The 20 photographs are exhibited in London at the White Room/Red Gallery in Shoreditch, and will be showcased in 20 distinct venues around London before departing for New York in January 2017.

    The pre-selection of 200 images is available on If You Leave’s Instagram and you can also grab prints. Here is a few of them, including our pick, enjoy!

    From left to right: Ao Kim Ngân, Erik Mowinckel, Tamara Lichtenstein, Burcin Esin, Natasha Van Niekerk, Thomas Line, Sven Van Driessche, Rafael M. Milani, Isa GelbEsben Bøg Jensen.