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  • Commenting on the Discursive Meanings of Photography by Dimitris Kechris

    Dimitris Kechris is a photographer, curator and author based in Athens. He graduated from the Physics Department of the Athens University and he attended photography courses at the Athens School of Fine Arts. His work brings together two things that he is really interested in: politics and enigmatic pictures.

    What was the starting point of your ongoing work La Insurrección Es Un… ? I am not sure if it has one because it gives more the impression of a project that stands as a life statement.
    The starting point was my concern about the current political conditions in Europe. I feel that the whole continent is on the verge of a potential turmoil. The last decade we have been witnessing various medium-scale or large-scale events of social unrest in European countries. December 2008 uprising in Athens could be considered the first one taking place since the beginning of the global crisis. Then we saw massive university students’ demonstrations in London in 2011 that triggered broader riots. A kind of a civil war in Ukraine followed, in 2014; recent clashes in Catalonia over the issue of independence; Brexit and its complicated consequences; the Yellow Vests movement in France. And many other examples….. I just mention some major ones.

    I consider all these to be preludes of broader societal transformations, which cannot be described or predicted by any existing symbols or means of representation. So, I came up with the idea to interact with all the above in an abstract visual manner. As a result, the present series of images traces underlying signs of dislocation; signs beyond common view that may incubate past, present and future, producing new layers of meaning regarding the unforeseen character of the upcoming. I could not do such a thing otherwise but using metonymies and f