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  • Francesco Sambati captures color Spaces

    Francesco Sambati is an Italian photographer from Lecce, a city located in southern Italy. Unlike many photographers we’ve featured at Velvet Eyes, his first approach to photography was through the camera of a mobile smartphone.

    He took a photo for fun, began to work on it and he loved it. So he slowly began to take more pictures to get better, as a challenge. Since then he has not only continued with mobile photography but he has also approached digital and analogue formats (mainly Polaroid).

    Francesco says he wouldn’t know how to define his style since he’s still in the quest of one. At the same time, it’s not a priority for him because he usually likes each photo individually and doesn’t want to devote to one specific style. Nevertheless, the thread that links his images is a melancholy that he has carried around forever and that is the feeling that most of the time leads him to photograph.

    Meet him on tumblr or flickr.