Kalli Retzepi

Kalli Retzepi is 27 years old photographer living between Greece, Switzerland and the US. She is also an Interaction Designer intern at a digital design studio in Zurich. She has always worked in something related with images since she was a researcher in a brain imaging center in Boston. Being both an artist and a scientist, […]

Alexis Vasilikos

Alexis Vasilikos is a greek photographer based in Athens, also known for co-editing Phase magazine. Embracing a narrative form, his colorful images explore the presence of sublimity in everyday life. If you live in Athens, he is currently having a solo exhibition titled Here Is All There Is at Christina Androulidaki Gallery. More on his […]

Ioanna Chronopoulou

Ioanna Chronopoulou is a Greek photographer currently based in Athens. She started photography at the age of 16 when she bought her first camera and started shooting self-portraits to discover herself during her adolescence. Her work is based on her every day life, and she’s particularly fascinated by the relationship between humans and their personal […]