‘Cooking Potato Stories’ by Ana Núñez Rodríguez

Ana Núñez Rodríguez is a research-based photographer living and working between Spain and Colombia. In her work, she delves into the politics of identity, connecting her own experience of navigating between both cultural realities with other voices. Through the use of images, she establishes new forms of collaboration and knowledge production that reveal forgotten colonial […]

‘Bedfellow’ by Caroline Tompkins

Caroline currently lives in Brooklyn, NY. Her photographs explore issues of female sexuality, localism, and sincerity within them. Over the past five years, Caroline Tompkins has been making images of her sexual desires and fears. Her new book, Bedfellow explores the relationship sex has with pleasure and danger. Looking at your work, I think you’ve […]

‘Another Online Pervert’ by Brea Souders

Brea Souders is an American artist working in photography, text, painting and collage, often blending digital phenomena with physical objects. Her work explores questions related to the human body, the psychological imprints of technology, autobiography and the natural world. Her recent book Another Online Pervert published by MACK. Another Online Pervert derives from a series of […]

The poetic Soul of an Island in ‘Les Rochers Fauves’ by Clément Chapillon

Clément Chapillon is a French photographer who lives between the south and Paris. After returning to the Gobelins school, he initiated his series Promise me a Land on the link to the land between Israelis and Palestinians which earned him several awards. From this experience, he rebounds with a more personal project on the Mediterranean […]