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  • Nick Prideaux

    Nick Prideaux is an Australian photographer recently living in Bangkok after being based in Tokyo for 5 years.

    He started doing photography in high school after picking up his father’s old Nikomat camera. He shot on and off over the course of high school and university (where he majored in film) but really committed to it full time over the last 3 years.

    He has always been a visual person, and photography has always been an east outlet for him to express what is often unsaid. He loves film and the moving image, but after studying it he grew tired of its often lengthy creative process – photography instead represented something that he could do without so much pre-thought or planning.

    He defines his photographs as simple and colorful: “my style is about subtraction and the beauty found within the smaller, everyday details.”

    More to see on his tumblr & instagram.