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  • Anne-Sophie Landou Portrays her daily Life with a sensitive Eye

    Anne-Sophie Landou is a French photographer whose life centers around the camera shutter. She takes and sees pictures every single day because for her it’s vital, exciting and beautiful.

    Words were her first love, but images have always been her fascination. She started taking pictures at the age of 14 with her parents’ digital camera, but she found a real passion for photography in high school when she was diagnosed with anxiety and chronic depression. The camera became her medication because it got her out of her house, it made her connect with nature, people and herself.

    As a high sensitive person, she feels directly, strongly and constantly influenced by the environment surrounding her. This is why she says her style is just “her”, because she just shoots what she sees, what moves her and what’s happening at the moment when she presses the shutter of her camera.

    Discover her images on flickr & tumblr.