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  • Nadeem Karim sublimes simple things in life

    Nadeem Karim is a Paris raised/London based photographer with Creole origins whose work we have admired for quite some time now. He got introduced to photography in Paris during his childhood with his parents’ point and shoot camera and what he enjoyed the most was looking at the images when they came back from the lab. Then some years later he bought his first film camera out of curiosity.

    The more he worked with film, the more he became intrigued with tones, grain and light; this last one being a key ingredient in his work. Being of Creole origins, he has always been attracted to warm exotic colors that are quite often of pastel nature. When he received his first film roll back from the lab, a connection was made instantly and the memories of those pastels tones resurfaced. That’s when Nadeem realized that he had something special with photography and started the hunt of the “beautiful nostalgic pastel tonal range”. The paradoxical blend of nostalgia and modernism allowed him to see life in a different way artistically. “I didn’t think twice and I dived straight into the world of analogue.”

    As for the themes he captures, he loves the mundane and the simple things in life, which represent the philosophy that is naturally reflected in his work.

    Immerse yourself in Nadeem’s world via flickr