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  • Tom Shea creates surreal landscapes

    Tom Shea is a Utah (USA) based photographer working mostly outside of Salt Lake City and its surroundings where he was born. He also works as a photo “editor” for a small company that restores and digitizes antique or dated photos and video.

    He became interested in photography at a young age, but he didn’t choose it as his main artistic medium until around 2011. He began the transition to photography on a greater level after frequenting photo blogs and online photography magazines as part of his morning routine, but also with a lot of help from the social media video app Vine, which allowed him to create “moving 6 second photographs”.

    He says he’s unable to define his style entirely, but he sees it as being of a quiet and/or surreal nature. Despite the fact that he has a lot of creative and physical energy, he is actually a bit shy and introverted. Finding himself comfortable when he’s alone, he has become used to (and seek out) the quiet in all things, even the large cities which comes through in much of his work, be it a landscape or a more personal and surreal image.

    Check his work out on his website or on Vine.