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  • Bright Spaces by Adrien Blondel

    Adrien Blondel is a photographer living in Oakland, CA, working as a lighting technician and a documentary director. Born in France, he grew up in Normandy and the moved to Paris where he graduated in history of Cinema and Cinematography.

    He started taking photographs as a teenager, but his real interest was cinema, which he studied and works in. He started to get seriously into photography when he realized that being a technician for the film industry didn’t offer him a real creative dimension, on top of the fact that projects are lengthy, expensive and often require a team. Photography on the other hand, has allowed him to work alone and faster, and working on photo projects encourage him to keep doing it.

    Drawn to colors, his empty spaces and lonely figures give to Adrien’s photographs a simple bright style. His interest in photography has shifted towards a more conceptual approach, and he recently completed a documentary series called ‘The Last Massais‘ about a Maasai community in Kenya.

    See his work on his website & tumblr.