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  • ‘Je ne Regrette Rien’ by Maria Munzi

    Maria Munzi is a photographer based in Barcelona.
    Je ne regrette rien (2018- ), her recent in-progress series documents the surreal scenes that appear daily, allowing mystery, irony and tension to obtain the depth they deserve.

    To get started, it would be nice to know a bit about you and your background. What attracted you to the medium of photography ?
    It was at highschool, in my art classes, where I felt a magical plenitude. I knew I had to dedicate my time to something related to the Arts. What I felt was a mixture of great curiosity, stimulation and adrenaline mixed with a delicate calm. I’ve always listened and respected these gut feelings, so when I finished school, the Fine Arts and Photography Degree options were on the table. It was my dad who encouraged me to take the Photography path, as my uncle was a Director of Photography in the movie industry. 

    How did you realize this series? Did it come naturally as you were reviewing-sequencing your photographs or did it have a certain starting point?
    Realization didn’t come right away. I started photographing for this series around 2014 without really knowing where I was going. But I just did. I found this truly important. To always photograph guided by your instincts. It was years later (2018), when I was studying a Narrative Course at Grisart School in Barcelona, where with a good amount of work on the table and with the precious help of Enric Montes (teacher) and artist friends, I started to really see the concept and purpose of my work.

    Can you elaborate on the importance of color in your work?
    My intention in my work is to talk about the strangeness that surrounds us. The surreal and fantastics scenes that happen every day. I believe color helps to portrait these topics in a light and ludic way.

    Some photographers prefer photobooks, while others prepare exhibitions for presenting their work. Taking into consideration your artistic activity, you choose the latter. What do you enjoy most and how did you decide which one best suits your project?
    I enjoy the process of designing how the image will go from a copy to get life on the wall/space. This process is unique as the image takes another dimension, and it is truly another language.
    I adore both photobooks and exhibitions, which are intense challenges that require investigation, dedication, time, hard work and passion. At the moment, I felt exhibitions respond better to my work as it is an ongoing project, and when I feel the work is coming to a certain end I will definitely consider the marvelous world of photobooks.

    You have already shown ‘je ne regrette rien’ in several shows with a different approach in the installation / curation. Could you tell us more about these differenstations?
    I consider these differentiations as a reflection of evolution and growth of the project.

    Do you listen to music while photographing / editing your series?Absolutely! While editing the series.

    Can you give us some info about how Photography is perceived as a medium of art in your homeland, Buenos Aires?
    Photography in Buenos Aires is noticeably perceived. Thankfully, there are several institutions, museums, galleries, schools, universities, fairs which focus on this fabulous medium of art.

    What are you working on now?
    Nowadays I’m working on the Maternity subject. I’m 4 months pregnant and I’m studying all about motherhood and kids… I believe it will be a powerful photographic journey!

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