Penetrate the humid atmosphere of Louisiana in Down by Law

Down by Law (1986) is a quirky movie of the new American independent scene directed by the singular Jim Jarmusch and photographed by Robby Müller (that we have seen on Paris, Texas alongside Wim Wenders). The story takes place between New Orleans and the Louisiana Bayou, both beautifully highlighted by a combination of good use of […]


With its irresistible richness, its color and warmth, Pedro Almodóvar’s Volver (2006) is set to capture your eyes. “Volver” is Spanish for “to return,” or to “come back”. It is said that it represents the director’s return to his childhood, magnifying the women in his life and the “small village” beliefs that shaped his imagination. […]

A Serious Man

Beautiful pictures from A Serious Man, directed by Joel & Ethan Coen in 2009. This black comedy that takes place in Minnesota, has been awarded for its cinematography by Roger Deakins, thanks to its highly stylized and gorgeous aesthetics. The Middle West of the 60s and the Jewish community, sweet nostalgia tinged with sarcasm. These are elements depicted with exceeding […]

Virgin Suicides

For the second edition of Movie Picks we chose Virgin Suicides by Sofia Coppola. Based on a novel by Jefferey Eugenides, the film portrays through a dreamlike imaginery the life of the Lisbon sisters, seen from the point of view of adolescent boys fantasizing about their teenage crushes and the mystery behind them. What we […]


A fascinating film such as Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo is what makes this section come to life. Based on the novel D’entre les morts, this psychological thriller from 1958 takes us into a tragic love story as sensual as cerebral. Hitchcock brightly uses the figure of the spiral and circular travelings to support the idea of vertigo, […]