Emilia Cocking

Emilia Cocking is a young photographer from Kent, South East England, we’ve come across her work via submissions. What drew her to pick photography as a medium of expression was its accessibility: “A photograph has this ability to simplify what’s around us and make you see something purely as form and light. I really want […]

Kevin Michael Klipfel

Kevin Michael Klipfel is an American photographer whose spontaneous and straightforward photos, feel like an honest contemplation of life. Not looking for the most beautiful subjects, but for the most authentic moments, he transmits the life that surrounds him through colorful and contrasted photographs. Visit his website, or flickr.

Lisa Gidley

Originally from Kansas City, and now based in Portland, Lisa Gidley is an American photographer that “finds images as a sport”. She fell in love with photography in NYC, but her most recent work focuses on urban public spaces. Make sure to check her most recent work on her website or tumblr.