Parallel Crisis by Yannis Karpouzis



116 pages

19 X 27

Photographs: Yannis Karpouzis

Design: Ioannis Markakis

Texts by: Moritz Neumuller, Yannis Karpouzis

Printed by: Kostopoulos printing house

Published by: Empty Square

price: 32€ (+shipping)

Black cover limited: 50€ (+shipping)


[From the book’s epilogue]

Photography’s main shortfall – the inherent inferiority of photographic representation to its real-life counterpart – seemed like the ideal metaphor for a life falling short. The medium’s time-freezing quality, photography’s primary expressive means, perfectly matched the socio-econimcal crisis. In 2011, I started exploring these ideas. The book’s subjects are as frozen in time as their portrayals. They are stuck in a limbo outside the flow of time, waiting to resume their motion but in vain. The square frame describes both their prison and the fragmentary, traumatic circumstance.Meanwhile, fear crept in everywhere, and Athens had turned into a wasteland. Obliterating a country’s economy takes more than a series of unconstitutional provisions; it also requires heavy police presence, brutal crackdowns, misanthropic ideas disseminated by the Media, adherence to the TINA (There is no alternative) principle, and free rein to the worst social elements, neo-Nazis, infesting the slums with their hate squads.

All these are not present in this book; the reader will have to read between the abandoned billboards.