‘How to Drive’ by Katerina Moschou

80 pages
43 images
Paperback or softcover
Limited edition of 280

Self-published in collaboration with Zoetrope Athens



‘How to Drive’ unfolds as Katerina immerses herself in her father’s car workshop, reclaiming
a space she felt distant from as a woman. Far from aspiring to dominance, she endeavors to
construct an everyday narrative, transforming and giving value to all the mechanically
unfolded moments, which are often left unrecorded.
The essence of this project lies in the pivotal role of the process. Recording herself while
driving and carefully observing each movement, allowing the body to explore its own
language within the enclosed space of cars, significantly influences the book’s evolution.
With every deep dive into her exploration, a sense of establishing a personal ritual unfolds,
creating a dance between the body and surroundings, as well as the body and the car parts.
Through an almost cinematic manner, the car is transformed into a ceremonial space where
the ordinary and the potential attempt to redefine themselves.
In a personal yet inclusive approach, this photobook sparks a shift in our attention from
prescribed stories to the continuous experiences of our bodies and their potentialities that we
used to overlook.