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  • Vertigo

    A fascinating film such as Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo is what makes this section come to life. Based on the novel D’entre les morts, this psychological thriller from 1958 takes us into a tragic love story as sensual as cerebral.

    Hitchcock brightly uses the figure of the spiral and circular travelings to support the idea of vertigo, also carried by the music of Bernard Hermann. Camera movements seem to caress all characters. The obsessive psyche of Scottie is exposed by an erotic imaginary infused among the lines and highlighted by the perfect use of primary colors.

    The photography also places us in a special fascination or even fetish around Madeleine, the object of Scottie’s desire. Her personage is portrayed with boundless grace, and enhanced by details: her hair, her behavior, her touch and her clothes.

    A true aesthetic delight, punctuated by a relationship defying time and verisimilitude, which magnify the great city of San Francisco.