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  • Missy Prince, Analog US Adventures

    We’ve been following Missy Prince’s work for a few years now. She grew up in Gulfport, Mississippi, and currently lives in Portland. We often think about William Eggleston when looking at her work, but she definitely has her own style. There are a lot of posts on Missy Prince over the web, which says how much her talent is appreciated… and we had to take part!

    Missy Prince started photography in high school when her mom bought her a Pentax SLR. After few years without great results, she finally got an Olympus XA, that known for its compactness, allowed her to have a much more natural approach. She studied philosophy and literature which were a good combination and complement to her photography.

    Since she shot Polaroids and they need good light, this aspect became very important in her work. When she got back to her XA, she continued to pay close attention to that, and it was a significant breakthrough. She also spent a lot of hours in the darkroom, becoming one of the main reasons for her to choose analog photography rather than digital.

    She developed a strong audience over the web, especially through Flickr, which eventually helped her to buy new gear, and even more to go for a trip to Mississippi. She also works as a gardener, which helps her to make a living, and gives her enough time to photograph.

    Take a moment to visit her websiteflickr.

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