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  • Kristen McNevins

    Kristen McNevins is an American photographer whose sense of curiosity and interest in art lead her to discover this medium. From the click of shutter to developing the image in the darkroom, she felt fully engaged in the making of the image. It became a medium of expression when she sought to follow her feeling of curiosity to collect images that revealed multiple layers of interpretations.

    She describes her style and working process as intuitive because she usually likes to go out photographing without a specific purpose in mind. Most of her images depict patterns of light and color of an ethereal and minimalistic quality, and show a captivating moment of discovering something for the first time.

    She’s deeply influenced and inspired by the work of Uta Barth, and how she uses photography to mimic the shifting focus of seeing that encourages a more meaningful experience identifying the contents of the photograph. This helps her to create images that find poeticism in the everyday from the quiet refection of her own immediate surroundings.

    Visit her website to see more.