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  • The Urban Memories of LPFM

    LPFM, an alias he uses as a photographic project, is a French illustrator and graphic designer, working and living in Paris.

    With his photography he tends to focus on non-human parts during his street wanderings. From an empty place to a lost object he’s always searching how there are still memories through them. He’s also in a continuous search for shadow and light – light giving to read and shadow giving another point of view. These are stories, fragments of life remaining before to vanish. Taking pictures to remember and make these memories his and crop stories.

    In the same kind of idea he also likes to use existent photographic material – like old prints or plates – as basis for recreated stories, using collage technique. He’s always liked old objects because they carry a past with them.

    Regarding his style, he says it’s difficult to explain because since he’s used to his own process and way to do things he doesn’t really know how to explain it: “You do it because it makes sense to you. But its nature is made of recurrent themes and patterns like urban memories, emptiness, mute stories, light & botanic.”

    Check out more of his work on Flickr or Tumblr.