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  • Reading the light with A Broken Pulsar by Fili Olsefski

    Fili Olsefski is a Poland born – Greece raised – artist and photographer. Based in Athens, she’s fortunate to get by living as an artist and creating still and moving images with her life partner.

    Although she was trained to be a painter, and she was taught  that painting requires a certain state of mind and it has nothing to do with hands, it was a matter of time until she started to seek painting through photography. She attributes this to two different reasons. The first one is that photography offers her a range of hues and brushstrokes that no other medium can (at the moment). And the second one is that “photography reaches out to people’s starkest, most quintessential self, unravelling their post-apocalyptic beauty, all in the facade of realism”.

    The key question in her series A Broken Pulsar was how light shifts from its commodification to its perception as an item of luxury, when collective guilt creeps in. “In our dark times of grave existential crisis, it seems as if sun rays indicate a pristine representation of our dystopia.” She finds it useful to incorporate these elements of post-modern escapism to stress out how at times it feels like life on earth is one in a parallel universe: “It soon hits you that this place is inescapable.”

    More to see on her tumblr and instagram.