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  • Fantasia by Patrick Morarescu

    Patrick Morarescu is an artist based in Mallorca, Spain. Born in 1973, he studied at the Academy for Photography in Munich where he grew up. Also working on commissioned photography, his artistic projects often combine other disciplines including installations, collages and performances. His series Fantasia portrays the environment of fairgrounds.

    How did you get interested in photography and why did you pick photography as a medium and form of expression?
    In high school I had the opportunity to participate in a photography course. After this initiatic experience I decided right away that I wanted to became a photographer, I don’t know exactly how that happened, it just happened…

    Introduce us to your series Fantasia.
    I started the series Fantasia after a long trip to India. The first pictures of the series were taken in the construction works of the Oktoberfest Festival in Munich. I found the messy atmosphere and the character of the workers much in tune to my general state of mind after six months in India.

    “Photography is part of my daily routine, I have to be always awake, keep my eyes open and be aware of what is going on”.

    The gleaming colors, carousels and cotton candies brought me back to the mysticism that I felt in the indian streets and temples, but at the same time relating to my roots and my childhood in Munich. That was the start of a journey that accompanied me until today.

    For how long have you worked on this body of work?
    Since 2001 and still ongoing.

    What was your main intent in creating this series?
    It is difficult to answer this question because my work is very intuitive. The motivations that I have as a photographer are the same motors that motivate my life. Photography is part of my daily routine, I have to be always awake, keep my eyes open and be aware of what is going on. Only being awake and ready you can get surprised by inspiring shots. I think that is the key.

    How do you hope viewers react to the series?
    I would like viewers to reconnect with their own experiences. Ideally they will ask themselves, if they have been there, if it is their hometown, their past and their own memories.

    More to discover on his website.