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  • The Knot by Danielle Madeley

    Danielle Madeley is a twenty two years old photographer from Staffordshire, U.K. recently graduated from Falmouth University. In November 2016, she won an award to continue a project surrounding the community of workers from her hometown’s factory, which will be exhibited in October 2017. Beside this project, she continues to be a photographer for Chinwag Films. Her series ‘The Knot’ is in memory of her late Nephew and in honor of her Nan who both taught her that if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry.

    Danielle became interested in photography throughout her schooling years, she used the photographs she took as a tool to work from, however over time the photographs became the work itself. “It’s almost too cliché for me to say photography chose me but I imagine like a lot of photographers, that’s exactly what happened”. Photography has thus proved to be a stronger form of expression than speech for her.

    “’The Knot’ is the consolidation of work made over the period of a year; documenting the parallaxes of growing up in the county of Staffordshire and the tumultuous relationship with identity as a member of that community. […] A community is the interwoven lives of different generations, a seamless unspoken memoir of times passed and present; a collective history that forms the foundations of the people it encompasses. The images lie on the cusp of fictional, tampering with the notions of traditional documentary. They are a record of the conflicting ideas of comfort and convulsion akin to the emotions felt with regards to home”.

    Enjoy her work on her website and instagram.