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  • The Emotional Scenes of Clay Jordan

    Clay Jordan is a full-time photographer and musician living in the city of Athens, GA in the USA. While he is working on a new album with his band, he is also putting together his first monograph, Nothings Coming Soon, to be published by Fall Line Press next year. His photographs are filled with emotion, nostalgia and even mystery.

    His interest in photography comes from his passion for collecting photo books. His obsession for photographers such as Stephen Shore or William Eggleston, eventually pushed him to pick up a camera and work on a portfolio that helped him to get into graduate school.

    These photographs were made walking around, documenting people and landscapes that Clay felt drawn to, but they don’t refer to a specific topic or subject. Still, these images are filled with a deep human quality. “Eventually, I edit these images down to a body of work that makes some kind of emotional or intuitive sense to me”. Overtime this editing process brings in photographs that appeal to specific themes or preoccupations and in the particular case of Nothings Coming Soon, it’s aging, mortality and loss of innocence.

    See more on his website.