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  • The Colorful portraits of Fabien Vilrus

    Fabien Vilrus is a self-taught French photographer from the Reunion island and currently living between Paris and London.

    His interest for photography came after studying advertising and working in few agencies, when he wanted to find another way to express himself. Before photography he had a strong interest for other mediums, as video making and writing, but he claims that when he touched a film camera for the first time last year, it was a true revelation, since that day, he hasn’t dropped it.

    He loves photography for it’s very spontaneous process. For him campuring moments is a pure experience because it gives a person the power to have a quick and direct connection with people and their environnement, without any intermediary.

    Regarding his style, “I like to capture colourful portraits, and explore the relationships between subjects and surroundings with a sense of poetry.”

    Find his work on his website & flickr.